Thursday, December 23, 2010

Banana and cream honey can easily prevent from dysmenorrhea

Unmarried women often encounter occurred dysmenorrhea, pain endless, disturbing, Dr. Fang Miankan if you do not, you can try the banana diet of milk and honey.
A considerable number of unmarried women, each time to often have lower abdominal bursts of pre-menstrual pain, weak waist, general malaise fatigue and other discomfort, this is particularly distressing is dysmenorrhea. Why these symptoms occur during menstruation? The cervix is mainly a relatively slender adolescent females, or well-developed, blood flow through the uterine muscle contraction at the stimulation caused.
Although the vast majority of women are physiological phenomena dysmenorrhea, but the pain often people feel restless stimulate the vicious, disturbed sleep. An American expert in obstetrics and gynecology program can help you ease the pain: every night before going to bed drink a cup of hot milk, add a spoonful of honey can ease or even eliminate the pain of dysmenorrhea.
Why two such common foods have so much ability it? Had benefited from the two minerals potassium and magnesium, potassium and more  milk, and honey, magnesium is "bonanza." Studies have shown that potassium for nerve impulse conduction, blood coagulation process and the functioning of all cells in the human body are extremely important, it can ease the mood, suppress pain, prevent infection and reduce menstrual blood loss; magnesium can help the brain nerve impulse conduction, neurohormonal role with the active substances remain at normal levels. In the late period, magnesium can also play a role in psychological adjustment, helps the body relax, eliminate anxiety and reduce stress.
Another approach is to deal with dysmenorrhea with vitamin achievements. It is particularly worth mentioning is premenstrual stress disorder have a significant effect of B vitamins, B vitamins B6 turned around the most important. To stabilize the mood of this vitamin to help sleep, energetic people, and can reduce abdominal pain, higher content of bananas, dysmenorrhea, women may wish to eat some.

How to clean underwear will not affect women's health?

Underwear for women is crucial, we must bear this in mind, please MM, how to clean underwear just does not affect women's health. Women's vagina, urethra, anus are very close, tight dress pants, easy and vulva, anus, urethra frequent friction generated, so that the dirt in the region (mostly anal, vaginal secretions) in bacteria into the vagina or urethra, causing urinary or reproductive system infections. First, the underwear should be changed every day, every day, wash, wash time. Do not let underwear overnight, or easily breed bacteria, and increase the difficulty of cleaning.
Second, the underwear must be washed by hand. Underpants generally relatively small, the friction to increase the density, the proposed clenched with the thumb and index finger, fine Cuonong, so that it washed clean and completely;
Third, the lotion to soap, utensils, preferably dedicated, cold water is best;
Fourth, clean underwear, avoid direct exposure. Should be dried in the shade, and then placed in sunlight disinfection. Otherwise, the underwear easily stiff, deformation; (described later the three women should not wear underwear)

The most advantageous women's health asleep posture

Many people are aware, incorrect posture can cause cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases, but you know that sleeping position does not also easily lead to diseases. On the human body for adequate sleep, good quality sleep is a necessary condition for long life. In general, sleep usually has 3 positions, supine, lateral and prone. And for women, the best sleeping position is the right side.
At present, few women prone to sleep, because it is easy to make the chest compression position and affect breathing. On the developing young women, this posture will also affect the chest and breast development, so try to avoid.
Sleep on their backs seemingly does not affect the body organs, in fact, the normal anatomy of the female reproductive system, the uterus should be a forward flexion position, but found that most of the posterior uterus and supine sleeping position related.
Uterus can be in forward flexion, depends on the uterine ligaments, and then bit the uterus backward sacral hollow, especially after the bend of the uterus, so that the whole uterus are all lying within the sacral hollow, hollow block tightly to the sacrum, and presacral nerve compression, prone to backache, lower abdominal bulge and discomfort. Before menstruation, uterine body and pre-sacral soft tissue edema, increased bit easier on the nervous tissue of uterine compression, increased symptoms.

The prevention of common gynaecology disease in winter

Winter and the high incidence of gynecological malignant disease affecting the majority of women's physical and mental health, if not careful to prevent, not active treatment, can easily lead to inflammation has been increasing and spreading to the uterus, accessories, and even cause infertility. The reason is volatile due to weather, the rain increased, and the temperature difference between day and night, clock disorder.
Four-star reasons: pelvic inflammatory disease female genitals and the surrounding connective tissue within the pelvic peritoneal inflammation occurs, if not treated, tend to become chronic pelvic inflammatory disease from acute pelvic inflammatory disease, leading to the occurrence of infertility, so that women regret endless. Ovarian dysfunction may have a menstrual disorders, tubal adhesions, obstruction can cause infertility.
Disease Description: pelvic inflammatory disease symptoms was not obvious, inflammation may be confined to one area, you can also occur simultaneously in several parts can be divided into acute and chronic. Acute pelvic inflammatory disease mainly caused by the pathogen, clinical manifestations may be due to the severity of the size and scope are different. Sometimes low-grade fever, lack of energy, the whole body discomfort, insomnia, lower abdominal bulge, pain, and lumbosacral pain, irregular menstruation and so on.
Experts advise: the women experiencing these symptoms, your gynecologist as soon as possible to the local hospital for professional medical treatment without delay.

The indispensable nourishment in female's life

Women can not live without the nutrients that? Blood food, the right, but there are a lot of it? You know? Although women's health and charm can not do without blood, but there are many other essential nutrition. Today, Xiaobian to share with you some women are necessary to a healthy nutrition. Please remember oh well.
Nerve and it is very important to the health of the cardiovascular system, can improve cognitive ability, reduced heart disease, stroke and cancer incidence. Two of its most important ingredient is EPA and DHA, the main food source is fish and walnuts, are generally two large deep-sea fish are rich with content.
Usage: Unless you two or three times a week to eat fish, or, preferably daily supplement containing EPA and DHA 1 g of nutrition. If you are a vegetarian, can be changed to a teaspoon of linseed oil plus 100 mg of DHA extracted from the seaweed capsules.
This is all the most useful anti-aging nutrients in a lot of people using it to improve emotional, physical, attention, responsiveness and memory and so on. It is water soluble and will be discharged with the body fluids, so the body can easily lack. Main food sources are liver, yeast, wheat germ and rice bran and so on.

Why women like nagging?

University of Oxford Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and the Institute of Child Health in London on a range of scientists, language barriers in the study of patients found to determine the strength of the human language is a language determining gene called FOXP2.
This gene not only in humans, is also present in some human primate relatives such as chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, and even in rodents have found. But compared to the FOXP2 gene in these organisms, the human FOXP2 gene amino acid sequence produced three changes, two changes which occurred in about 600 million years ago, humans and chimpanzees each branch after the separation.
"FOXP2" gene of this variant protein significantly change the relevant forms, the ancestors of the human mouth and throat muscles to have more control, but the effect of this mutation for humans in terms of men and women are not fully one to.
Institute of Psychiatry in London on the same family and a woman who grew up a total of 3,000 sets of dragon and phoenix twins and found that a common result: the stage in about two years old, girls develop language skills faster than boys to some.
Mike is responsible for the study? High Swallow said, indicating that the "men and women in terms of early language skills there is a difference, and the gender language mode of action of genes is clearly influential."

Dark chocolate can help woman prevent from heart failure

U.S. researchers recently published studies have reported that moderate consumption of dark chocolate can reduce the risk of women suffering from heart failure.
Previous research found that chocolate can provide some essential minerals and nutrients the body. In addition, the polyphenols found in chocolate can be extended in vivo duration of action of other antioxidants, help promote cardiovascular relaxation, inhibit inflammation and blood clot formation.
Researchers at Harvard Medical School more than 48 years of 30 000 to 83-year-old Swiss woman had a 9-year follow-up survey, these women are usually investigation concerning the habit of eating dark chocolate and their chances of suffering from heart failure.
Study found that eating dark chocolate with no habits compared to women consuming 1 month to 3 times dark chocolate (20-30 grams) of women suffering from heart failure 32% lower chance. But the study found that eating dark chocolate should not be too much, otherwise it will backfire.
Previous research found that chocolate can provide some essential minerals and nutrients the body. The polyphenols present in chocolate can be extended in vivo duration of action of other antioxidants, help promote cardiovascular relaxation, inhibit inflammation and blood clot formation.